Ioannou: Ready for 2nd phase of National Health Insurance Scheme

Health Minister says Cyprus is ready for second phase of National Health Insurance Scheme

June 1st marks the launch of the second phase of the National Health Insurance Scheme “one of the greatest social reforms to ever take place in the Republic of Cyprus” Health Minister Constantinos Ioannou told CNA.
Despite multiple problems we were called to deal with, due to the COVID-19 crisis, we are ready to take this great step for the benefit of our citizens and all beneficiaries, Ioannou added.
Replying to a relevant question, the Minister said that starting this Monday, the National Health Insurance Scheme will offer inpatient healthcare services, such as surgery and other services, for all beneficiaries without any additional charge. All remaining healthcare services will be offered after the summer, he added.
Ioannou also referred to the decision of a large number of private hospitals to be part of the National Health Insurance Scheme, in addition to the capacity of State Health Services Organization hospitals, saying that beneficiaries will be able to have the right to choose, as promised to them.
The Minister thanked the people of the Health Insurance Organization and the State Health Services Organization, as well as the medical staff in the public and private sectors, hospitals owners and social partners for their efforts and their constructive attitude in order to turn this vision into a reality. He said finally that as with all major changes, this step can not be free of problems and weaknesses, but expressed his certainty that “we will succeed this time as well.”



Total number of coronavirus cases announced by Cyprus authorities exceeds 1000, three new confirmed on Saturday
Cyprus authorities announced on Saturday three new confirmed SARS-CoV-2 cases after conducting 1,699 lab tests. This brings the total number of confirmed cases to 1,002.
One of the persons found positive is Apollon FC football player Djordje Denic, who arrived to the island from Serbia three days ago and underwent a test at the football team’s initiative. The football club issued a press release announcing that the football player tested positive.
The other two cases concern people who came into contact with other two confirmed cases announced on June 29 and June 30, as they work with them. The first person found positive, out of these four cases, had come to Cyprus from the US.  The tests for the two persons announced as positive cases today were carried out at the initiative of the company which employees them.
A press release issued by the Ministry of Health said that all three positive cases announced on Saturday were detected out of 329 lab tests carried out at the private initiative.  
Moreover no positive cases were detected from 157 lab tests carried out in the framework of the programme for checking 10,000 employees who went back to work during phase B and C of easing restrictive measures, from 24 lab tests completed as part of the contact tracing programme, from 834 samples taken from passengers and repatriates, from 97 tests carried out by the Microbiological Labs of  the General Hospitals and from 249 lab tests completed as part of referrals from personal doctors and special groups screening through the public health centres.
One patient is currently being treated at Famagusta General Hospital which is the Covid-19 Reference Hospital.



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