Ministry of Interior clarifies who is allowed to travel to Cyprus

Clarifying Information by the Ministry of Interior for travellers regarding evidence for entry to the Republic of Cyprus

Any citizen of any nationality not belonging to the categories below, is prohibited from entering the Republic of Cyprus as of 1:00 am of March 15th, 2020 and up until 1:00 am of March 30th, 2020. 

In order to allow access through the legal entry points to the Republic (airports and ports) the following evidence is required, without which entry will be prohibited:   
● Cypriot citizens
Travel Documents
● Legal residents in the Republic of Cyprus.

MEU 1,2,3 certificate (yellow slip), or utility bill in the name of the person concerned, for all nationals of European Union member states.

For third country nationals, employment permit is required.

● Nationals of European Union member states working in the Republic
MEU 1,2,3 or certificate and/or documentary evidence of the Social Security Services, or employer certificate

● Third-country nationals working in the Republic
Employment permit
● Nationals of countries in a designated diplomatic service or mission, pursuant to bilateral or international conventions
Diplomatic ID or for those who do not hold a diplomatic ID, a non-diplomatic card or certificate of the competent authority regarding the reasons of their presence in the Republic of Cyprus.
● Individual cases of European Union member state nationals and third country nationals for unavoidable professional obligations
Certificate from the competent Ministry of the Republic of Cyprus on the basis of the scope of the visit.
● Nationals of European Union member states or third country nationals attending educational institutions in the Republic of Cyprus
For nationals of European Union member states, presentation of student ID and for third-country nationals, presentation of student ID and student residence permit.
It should be noted that in all cases, the advice of the Ministry of Health should be followed, which include self-isolation and self-monitor for a period of 14 days from arrival.