PwC Cyprus: We support entrepreneurship and innovation

The organisation is contributing to sustainable growth, through various actions and strategic collaborations

As part of its efforts to contribute to the creation of conditions for long-term economic prosperity, PwC Cyprus supports local entrepreneurship and innovation, acknowledging their contribution in achieving sustainable growth. 

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With this in mind, the organisation has entered into strategic collaborations with important educational, academic and business organisations such as the University of Cyprus, Junior Achievement Cyprus, Chrysalis LEAP and the CYENS Centre of Excellence.

University of Cyprus
With PwC’s support, the Centre for Entrepreneurship of the University of Cyprus organises the annual Innovation and Entrepreneurship Forum, which focuses on a different theme each year. At the same time, PwC supports educational and other activities of the Centre for Entrepreneurship aimed at enhancing and supporting creativity and cultivating a culture of innovation. For the 2021 summer semester, the organisation funded the elective course “Special Seminars in Entrepreneurship”, organising the workshop “Urban Entrepreneurship: Opportunities in times of uncertainty”, which was conducted by Urban Gorillas between 3 and 9 July. In addition, PwC is participating for the second year in the business acceleration programme of the Cyprus Entrepreneurship Competition with the workshop ‘‘Create your own business’’, which is a compact manual of the basic accounting, tax and legal issues that affect a company. 

Junior Achievement
For the seventh consecutive year, PwC supported Junior Achievement and the competition of the “Company Programme” with this year’s award going to CIPEN, a group of students from the American Academy Larnaca. The winning team, with the support of its PwC Cyprus mentor, produced ink for pens using cigarette butts. Twenty of the organisation’s members actively participated in the programme as mentors, guiding the school teams to implement their business ideas and create a student company. In the framework of this year’s competition, PwC organised its annual Trade Fair between 29 March and 2 April, which due to the COVID-19 pandemic took place exclusively online for the first time. Furthermore, in cooperation with Junior Achievement, PwC introduced a new interactive programme entitled “Our Community”, which is directed at third-grade primary school students and was implemented in April and May in 19 classrooms of 11 different schools island-wide.  

Chrysalis LEAP
PwC has been a strong supporter of Chrysalis LEAP for seven years running. It is the first accelerator in Cyprus which provides start-up teams with the necessary tools and skills to transform their ideas in the fields of Cleantech and Sustainable Development into solid, scalable and marketable business ideas. Through its people’s voluntary action as team mentors and its knowledge and experience, PwC also supports ClimateLaunchPad, the world’s largest green business ideas competition. The teams that were selected for this year’s competition participated in a 2-day Boot Camp as well as six intensive coaching sessions to prepare for the National Finals. The three finalists from each country will have the opportunity to participate in the Regional Final where they will have the opportunity to qualify for the Global Grand Final which will take place virtually in October. 

CYENS Centre of Excellence
PwC actively supports the CYENS Centre of Excellence, which is a joint venture between the University of Cyprus, the Cyprus University of Technology and the Open University of Cyprus as well as the Max Planck Institute of Informatics and University College London, under the coordination of the Municipality of Nicosia. The aim of the Centre is to produce world class research that drives innovation towards social and economic benefit. The European Centre of Excellence in Information and Communication Technologies specialises in interactive media, smart systems and emerging technologies and aims to transfer knowledge and know-how for the benefit of society and the economy of the country. The facilities, located at the heart of the capital’s historic centre, host, in addition to research labs and application demonstration areas, a multi-functional creative space (Thinker Maker Space) and a co-working space, reflecting the outward-looking character of CYENS and its connection to the most creative part of the research and business community.

It is also worth noting that PwC Cyprus recently presented Cyprus’ first Experience Centre, which will further enhance the organisation’s actions in the field of entrepreneurship. 
In statements, PwC Cyprus CEO Mr Evgenios Evgeniou said: “At PwC, we encourage and actively support initiatives that foster entrepreneurship and innovation, placing our people’s expertise and experience at the disposal of the local community.”