Veracloud Expands Global Presence with New International Office in Cyprus

Veracloud, a leading cloud managed services company based in Malta, is pleased to announce the opening of its new international office in Cyprus. 

The new Cyprus office will serve as a strategic hub to support Veracloud's international operations. With a team of talented professionals on board, the company aims to provide enhanced services to its existing client base while tapping into new business opportunities in the region.

"We are excited to establish a physical presence in Cyprus," said John Ellul, Sales Director at Veracloud. "This expansion reflects our commitment to delivering exceptional solutions to our clients worldwide and strengthens our position as a global leader in the managed services space."


He goes on to say "This move not only allows us to connect with a diverse pool of talented professionals but also enables us to leverage cutting-edge technology and innovation prevalent in the region. We are eager to collaborate with local organizations and business, foster strong relationships and contribute to the growth of technology in Cyprus, during this era where digital transformation is on the top of everyone's agenda."

The opening of the new international office represents an exciting milestone for Veracloud, with its focus on talent, technology, and global growth, the company is confident that the expansion into Cyprus will be a significant step towards strengthening its position as a leader and delivering exceptional value to its clients.

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